Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Initial Boiler Room Concept

I have produced a piece art which at the minute loosely captures the idea of my level. This can be be used as further visual reference when refining my ideas to ensure that I manage to stay true to my original aim. To refine my idea, firstly I will need to delve more in depth in to the back story of the room. Perhaps filling the scenography brief we used for our last module would be helpful. This would also give me the opportunity to revisit and hopefully solve one of the problems I highlighted with the game level module. This was the fact that my level description was too brief, causing me to become confused and uncertain regarding some of my development. This time around, I will aim to ensure I am certain about my goals and how I want the game level to be interpreted by the player. I will also need to produce a floor plan to show the layout of my level. If I had more time, I would possibly consider drawing up some elevations to give an exact picture of the scale of my environment. For the purpose of this small project which focuses on sound and narrative, a basic floor plan should be sufficient. Here is my initial concept:

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