Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Boiler Room Scenography Proposal

I have filled out the scenography brief for my boiler room sound environment. I have clearly established that the player is exploring a 1980s still active boiler room in the modern day. This explains why sounds would still be being created. Also I have written a backstory explaining the macabre feel of the environment. Although I had the vision in my mind of two elevators side by side which is generally the case. As the boiler is out of access to civilian hotel visitors, there would only be one maintenance lift needed to grant the maintenance staff entrance. Bellow is the scene description:

Project Title : The Boiler Room

Broad Audience : Mature

Mood / Atmosphere : Tense, scary, peculiar sounds, macabre

Scene Description

The main aim will be to produce an environment which tells the narrative through sound. The player will navigate through an old boiler room with maintenance lift at the rear and a large central boiler. Copper pipes will run through the room, creating banging sounds and releasing bursts of steam. The scene will also have a damp atmosphere, with dripping sounds where the pipes are leaking. The boiler itself will give a deep mechanical hum. The player will also be able to hear the ghost that inhabits the space. The player will explore the space during daytime, although this will not really affect the dark enclosed atmosphere.

Time of Day :            Daytime                                               INTERIOR

Explanation / Backstory of Scene :

The location will be a functioning hotel boiler room. This means the space will still be rich with sound. Because of peculiar occurrences, staff generally avoid the boiler room, meaning the interior is rusted and deprived of maintenance. This also means the room has been generally unchanged since the 1980s when a horrific accident took place. Set in the modern day, the player is investigating this boiler room as part of plumbing contract. There are rumours that one of the old caretakers was involved in an accident with the large central boiler which was swept under the carpet by the hotel owners to avoid bad publicity. Staff who have descended in to the boiler have spoke of strange sounds and faint voices. The voices are those of the old caretaker who still haunts the space.

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