Thursday, 10 May 2012

Finishing Touches in Unity

I have made some final touches to my Unity level. Firstly, I have tweaked the terrain tool to ensure all of the fallen logs rest on the top of the crater. With the knowledge of freezing transformations, in future I will be able to scale my models up perfectly so the terrain will not be effected. I also added the sound of a bear breathing deeply to the central pod. I tweaked this sound in Soundtrack pro, bringing down the pitch and also adding some distortion to make the sound more gritty as if coming from a larger creature. The final small touch to complete my level was to add a particle emitter. Using the snowflake material, I gave the emitter a very large projection area with very subtle results. The aim was to produce small spores floating in the air. here is my final web level: Unity Web Player | Web_Version_Mushroom_Planet

Unity Web Player | Finished_Level

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