Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Revising my Essay

After receiving feedback on my essay from the module tutor, I made a few adjustments to hopefully ensure a solid grade. I corrected a few spellings, and also sought out another quote backing up the section of my essay on the collaborative force in film. It was suggested that I find a quote to actually elaborate on what this 'collaborative' force is referring to. I added a quote regarding the role of the film editor to my essay, and revised both my harvard reference grid and bibliography.

Oldham, G. (1992) First Cur: Conversations With Film Editors University of California press.
“The film industry and audiences in some ways have become incredibly sophisticated in the last three or four decades. Simplistic views of editing, however, have mot changed much. Only practitioners of the craft, and those in the industry, audiences, and classroom who understand the full filmmaking process, have begun to appreciate the complex nature of editing.” The process of editing is very skilful, yet praise for the film editor is unsung.
When mentioning the collaborative force.

Hopefully, this small edition to this academic piece of text backs up the collaborative force argument with further evidence of other important roles in film as well as the director.

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