Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Paul Morricone

Recently, an optional talk was organized from a freelance director and editor. Although film is not one of my key interests (at the minute I feel my interest is moving more towards concept art, 3D modeling and animation direction), I thought I would go along and gain an idea of what it's like working freelance within the industry. 

Paul Morricone explained to us that he works in every area in film apart from media for broadcast (television). He expressed an interest in mainly music and also business videos (instructional/ corporate presentations). For this reason, he showed us two separate showreels form his website he had recently produced. He explained how he felt it was a good idea to have two different showreels, one showing his music video work and one his corporate work, so that he could sell himself as a corporate video director when appropriate. Still, he also told us how people in the industry like the idea of a music video director as well, as it shows that likely a creative approach will be taken.

Morricone has gathered twenty years of experience. He began as an editor where he gained an understanding of how production processes work. He eventually went freelance, setting up his own website under the stage name he uses as a musician. Interestingly, when I first imagined Morricone's role I imagined him as a self shooting director. He actually employs his crew which consists of cameramen. Essentially, his role is to be creative. I also found it fascinating that a production team comes into small independent freelance work. Perhaps this reflects the level of professionalism within the industry today, even when considering small independent film companies and freelancers.

It seems Morricone's talents offer great diversity. Sometimes he simply is the creative element in a project, directing the shots. Some times he applies his editing skills to shot footage. On occasion, he even sometimes produces, directs, and edits a project, in essence making him the equivalent of a production team. From this knowledge, I can take away the idea that in the competitive industry it is good to be diverse. On top of this, Morricone has an organized website with a memorable profile picture. If he is  momentarily has no work booked, he will go out and produce a music video for recreation, which can be used to build on his portfolio. Also, he will take on a wide range of projects rather than restricting himself to one genre.

So far, we have heard from some inspiring small companies and freelancers, who have been able to create a living by applying skills learned form their personal hobbies. Sometimes the industry can seem so competitive, the idea of building a local reputation as a freelancer and then expanding on it doesn't seem so unrealistic.

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