Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nicolas Cage

To make my video feel grounded, I want to in essence cast a lead role. Although I personal am a fan of some of his more off-the-wall films (Vampire's Kiss, Bad Lieutenant), some might argue that Nicolas Cage accepts any mainstream Hollywood movie that floats his way. To give my trailer this effect, I have been collecting some of Nic Cage's film trailers to edit together. He was a useful actor to choose as his career spans over many genres. This means that I can be ridiculous with my trailer and make it feel that the script writers have truly attempted to cram in as many popular genre conventions as possible. The film trailers I have collected are 'The Knowing' (Apocalyptic action), 'Gone in 60 Seconds' (Action), 'Drive Angry' (Grindhouse style action), 'Raising Arazona' (Comedy), 'Vampires' Kiss' (Comedy), 'City of Angels' (Romance). 

I have an idea for a timeline which I will produce before creating my video. My goal is to fuse these genres into what appears to be one singular film, poking fun at the manufactured throwaway approach in some modern film.

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