Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Sound of Skyrim

As I have been given the task of producing sounds for our group film project, I have been conducting some research. I came across Mark Lampert, who was the 'Art Studio/ Sound Design guy' on Elder scrolls V Skyrim. This video shows how he created some of the sounds found in the game:

I find it interesting when Lampert talks about the 'Dwarven Sphere.' He layered up different sounds to achieve a very full and rich finished result. The mix of high and low frequency sound gives the machine-like creature depth and adds a great sense of realism. It's also interesting how he uses many physical objects to find different sounds. He explains how he used a small iron puzzle to find the high end sound for the Dwarven Sphere that suggests intricate mechanical movement. Perhaps when I am creating the sounds for our project, I could capture household objects to be layered up in order to create very interesting and unique results. I must also consider the depth, using a range of frequencies to give the sound effects body and realism.

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