Monday, 26 December 2011

Jurassic Park Before and After

Following up on my post about Spielberg's choice to switch from Go motion to CG in Jurassic Park, I found another interesting video. Although I praised the advanced stop motion technology which Spielberg originally planned to use, I do believe the CG effects in Jurassic Park still exceed many of the films out today. This video shows the process of placing in computer models and green screen actors in to some of the shots in the movie:

What is perhaps the most fascinating and also relevant part of this process, is the attention to detail when placing the CG creatures in to a live well lit environment. We can see in the 'First Sight' segment, the body of water was 'painted' in separately and then 'prepped' to take the reflections of the dinosaurs basking in the small lake. I would also be keen to find out what a 'heat map is' as apparently one is used for this particular shot. The 'T-Rex Vs Car' scene also gives us a look at the rigging inside of the T-Rex model, as well as the 3D car model, which I always assumed to be real. Even the actors are absent from the initial scene and apparently were placed in later, which shows the extend of polished modern techniques where everything is slotted together in post production. Building further on responding to real lighting conditions, we also see various 'shadow elements being placed into the scenes. For the 'In the Kitchen' segment we really get to see CG models responding to live actors in the scene. My favorite shot is at 3:50, where the boy is hiding from a raptor lurking just around the corner. The movement of the raptors head as it swings over the top of the kitchen surface creates a huge amount of tension, and leaves you at the edge of your seat.

Overall, this video shows how 3D modelling and animation comes in to film, and can be used in unison with live actors and lighting conditions. It shows how you can create realistic shadow elements and reflections to really place a CG model in to a real world.

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