Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How to open a door

Here is my completed one minute instructional video:

I was not able to transport studio lighting to the film location, meaning I had to utilise natural lighting, along with a domestic desktop lamp. This actually gave some interesting results, combining a warm orange look with a complimentary soft cool blue. This is particularly clear in the first shot showing a close up of the confused subject. As I was acting in the video I was unable to man the camera, meaning most shots were taken on a tripod. This did however give a very tidy look, adding to the serious and efficient approach the video has taken on. I also improvised the voice over clips. This was an area I would approach differently if I was to reattempt the instructional video. Because I often paused the recording the very second I finished speaking, sometimes the sound cuts suddenly and sounds either harsh or incomplete.

Perhaps for future projects I could experiment with more controlled studio lighting and consider leaving time before and after sound recordings, making them easier to crop down without cutting off any sound or dialogue.

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