Monday, 26 December 2011

Martin Asbury

As I am creating the storyboard for our group project, I have done some research on Martin Asbury. He is a comic book artist and also a storyboard artist. Because he creates comics, his storyboards reflect a certain over-exaggerated cartoon style. This in my opinion, although may not fully reflect the final polished result in the movie, helps convey the full emotion of each shot. We get a clear indication of each movement of the camera and actors withing the frame as everything is fully emphasized. Take this page from the storyboard he produced for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.' He uses markings that reflect movement to really stress the action in each frame, such as the smashing of the chair:

Although not in the same league as this great looking story board, I believe I can relate more to this style with my storyboard work. Realistically, the purpose of a storyboard should be to aid the director so he can set up each shot confidently and with the finished results in his head beforehand. Because of Asbury's quick cartoon like style, he can spend less time trying to draw everything perfectly, but really highlight how each shot will feel and be composed.

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