Thursday, 29 December 2011

Money For Nothing

Remaining on the subject of CG landmarks (Star Wars IV), I thought I would mention the first use of CG in a music video. I am a fan of the band Dire Straits myself, so I was surprised to discover that their 1985 music video for 'Money For Nothing' is very significant in the history of computer generated imagery. 

It is noticeable that the 3D technology here is very limited. The CG characters in the video consist of very few polygons, making them appear very square and un-detailed. Also their movements are very slow and rigid, and lack the expressive squash and stretch element that many 3D animators use today to create fluidity in the movement of objects. Not to take anything away from this video, at this time in the 80s human characters conveying emotion where only beginning to appear in features such as 'Adventures of Andre and Wally B' and 'Tony De Peltrie.' Although these characters are much more rigid than many in the features being produced by studios like Pixar and Dreamworks, the introduction of CG in to a music video must have been ground breaking at the time as music appeals to such a global market. The possibility of creating computer generated characters would have been seen by so many, and I do not doubt that a higher level of interest towards CG was generated.

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