Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sectors and Services (Part Two)

Following a lecture we received on sectors and services, we were given a talk which went more in-depth regarding the organizations that could be relevant to us.

Interestingly, we discovered that game is the largest industry within the creative services. Disappointingly however, there actually appeared to be no independent games developers within the Leeds area according to google maps. However, after being directed to the 'gamerepublic.net' I found that companies such as 'dubit,' 'Rockstar Leeds' and also 'Thinkd' who 'specialize in finding creative new uses for technology that result in unique outcomes,' are all based in Leeds.

Under the public sector, we have organizations such as:

'Screen Yorkshire.' They are a company who invest in creations by Yorkshire-based companies, and also work to attract other production companies to film on location around Yorkshire. The company has recently received a 15million pound boost as a result of european funding.
'Marketing Leeds,' who are working to raise interest in what is happening in the city of Leeds.
The old broadcasting tower in Leeds also offers a fantastic public space which can be used for creative projects.
At the top of all this, there is also the Leeds City Council, who also fund voluntary work and services.
These are only a few of the organizations mentioned.

There are also the private sector organizations:

'Hebe Media' is a fashion-based organization based in Leeds.
The 'Munro House' is an independent art gallery, interested in fine art, illustraion, and photography.
'Round Foundry Media Centre' offers office space specifically for creative digital and media based business.

There are also the public and private partnership organizations:

'Test Space Leeds' offers creative space for everything from bands to art exhibitions.
There is also the Leeds fashion show, as well as the 'Northern Art Prize', which is set up to create a turnerprize-esque award ceremony based in Yorkshire.

Some of the third sector organization are:

'Artsmix*,' which is a themed market set up to promote emerging artists, writers, performers and musicians.
'Animated Yorkshire,' which offer support for animation within the region.
'Culture Vulture' is purely done as a hobby. It is set up to give updates on what is happening around the Leeds area in terms of creative industry.

In conclusion, I now see the city of Leeds in a whole new light. The city seems to be buzzing with creative organizations and spaces. It is assuring, as a student on a creative course, to know that there are so many organizations within the area who aim to support creative services. Although I commented that there are no organizations linked directly to gaming, perhaps office spaces like the 'Round Foundry Media Centre' who specialize in digital work, would be kean to support work in the specific area of digital film, games and animation.

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