Thursday, 9 February 2012

'Little and Large' (Final video)

Here is a H264 render of my final animation. I am generally happy with the results, and I feel the colours and the lighting look very nice when rendered out. One aspect I am a bit disappointed with is the ray trace shadows. By forgetting to tweak the settings, some of the shadows are very sharp and blocky. Unfortunately, the rendering process took so long that adjusting the shadows would have cut my project worryingly close to the deadline. Another improvement I would have liked to make if time permitted, would be the easing with the bouncing ball animations. I could have really demonstrated an animation principle by easing out the ball to a halt. I believe I have still covered the easing principle however, generally with the considered curves in the graph editor. You can see the principle in simple animations such as the Lego man pulling down the switch that appears from off the screen.

Overall, I am happy with the animation. There are obviously still improvements that could be made in future projects, but as a first attempt, I believe the project has given me a nice introduction to Maya.

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