Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Video Montage

Our second video is going to be a video montage. The second poem we are looking at is titled 'Simplicity.' We have gathered that the poem is more about the modernized urban landscape and the society within that is so rushed, there is no time to take in the beauty of nature. We filmed the clips for our second video within Leeds, contrasting completely with the Moors location of our first film. I began a rough edit of the film, but Vay and Holly will be doing the majority of the editing.

We began researching some video montage and managed to find this amazing picture montage:

I believe the poem we are working with has a sort of dark quality to it, so this video really works in the sense of inspiration. The montage begins very tranquil, showing pleasant images of family and the innocence of childhood. The montage is labeled with various titles such as 'Love' 'Mother' and 'Home.' As the video progresses, the titles began to cross over and link to dark images of murder and oppression. We had the idea of flashing up lines from the poem to make our video sequence thought provoking and powerful. This montage shows how type and images can work together to create powerful results. I think it is the juxtapositoning that really hits hard with the video. We are also thinking about split screen shots of beauty contrasting with the busy urban environment, so perhaps we can achieve similar uneasy results.

I also had this piracy advertisement in mind when I  began editing our clips. The quick cuts and grainy footage help create a sense of unease, which is what we are hoping to achieve with our montage. Also the style of music is a great reference, as the techno emphasizes the dark style of the add. Similarly to the photo montage above, there is also a combination of type:

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