Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tomb Raider: Ambient Sound Effects

I was originally searching for Tomb Raider sound effects as I was hoping to find some grinding stone sound clips. What I found instead was this great ambient temple sound. It fits our project perfectly, incorporating wind to give a chilling feel. I could imagine the sound in Odin's throne room as the wind sweeps through the pillars. What I really like about the sound is it's richness. It has that deep low end drone that eases in and out (an example at 1:36). I am already working on producing a deep drone for the falling pillars by slowing down wind sounds form the BBC library, but still need to construct the entire clip in soundtrack pro. If I could take this drone I am creating and overlay it with ambient wind sounds, it could be used for the eerie throne room of Odin:

Overall, The sound here is very rich and varied. My aim now is to try and make my sounds as full, thinking about layering up clips to achieve authentic results.

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