Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spielberg on Storyboarding

Whilst researching further in to the process of storyboarding, I found this video where Spielberg discusses how he approaches the task. He explains how he sketches the storyboard and then passes his ideas on to an artist. What I found interesting about this clip is how Spielberg describes the level of detail he puts in to his storyboards. He considers composition depth and also colour. He goes in to such detail with lighting that he shows the direction of the light and even how the lights blend together with other light sources. Although my storyboarding does not show such detail as we are working mainly with natural light, what this video shows is the importance of the storyboard. Spielberg even explains how if new ideas emerge, he will go back and alter the original storyboard. This means that it is important he has every shot intricately planned out before shooting. For this reason I must ensure the composition of each frame on my storyboard works well so that the director can have a clear visual representation of the finished product. The process I underwent while producing our storyboard was similar to how I would imagine Spielberg's staff illustrator's to be. I must continue to adapt my ideas if needed, based on the feedback gained from the rest of the group. I imagine Spielberg's illustrator would have had to do the same in order to meet the director's original vision.

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