Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jay Hawkins

I've always liked  the highly detailed concept art behind Gears of war. This interest lead me on to Jay Hawkins. Firstly, I managed to find a very detailed Marcus Fenix character design. I have always been interested in detailed sketches being used as line art and coloured digitally with a rough painted effect. I find it effective in putting across the mood of the image and the finer details, without spending unrealistic amounts of time working with crisp delicate lines.

Expanding on my Jay Hawkins research, I discovered a video clip which shows him beginning to create a 3D model over one of his GOW creature designs. The short clip highlights his use of flowing shapes in his sketch. This will be important to consider when I am designing my character, ensuring that my design is smooth and aesthetically pleasing, and also making the 3D modeling process in future designs more achievable. 

The short clip can be viewed by clicking the link near the top top of the page following page: 

Through looking at Jay Hawkins work, I believe I have gained a better understanding of how to present realistic achievable concept ideas to be developed into three dimensional models, which can then be incorporated in to game-play.

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