Friday, 23 September 2011

Change In Direction.

When considering the environment that I will eventually be placing my character in to, I felt creatively restricted with my original idea of the average man turns hero. I want to take a deeper fictitious approach and go for a more gritty concept than comical. I still like the idea of the protagonist being flawed and far from the perfect heroes and gods portrayed in say fables and mythology. However, I want to take a much more creative approach rather than the gown wearing layabout I originally designed. I want to remove the Egyptian influence from my design and bring in a science fiction driven concept. When reflecting on a recent visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, I remembered some of the law enforcement equipment on display, one of the most memorable being the riot control gear. This brought me to consider a more detailed approach with my characters attire. On the subject of law enforcement, I was reminded of  'Commander Sheppard' from the 'Mass effect' series, with his stock body armour. I combined this influence with some features from the riot control equipment and created a possible design for Bob's body armour. 

I plan on also equipping bob with a long film noir style trench coat. With Bob I now want to tell the story of an aging detective in the future, trying to prove to himself more than anything that he can still handle his perilous job. I have still included his huge fist, as I believe this could an exciting tool for interrogation, however his main weapon now has a more mechanical appearance than ancient. I may also now equip Bob with a firearm to provide the option of police style shootouts.

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