Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I have thought of an interesting concept for my character and environment. Whilst visiting the Leeds city Museum earlier today, I found myself surrounded by dazzling artifacts from ancient times. I looked around and sketched the fine sculptures and complex ruins and thought of my appearance in contrast to all of this:  grey hoody, shaggy hair and a sketch pad. I though to myself 'how could I possibly ever fit in with this weird and wonderful environment?' This reminded me of Jeff Bridges' character 'The Dude' from the Coen Brother's movie 'The Big Lebowski.' His character fits a kind of unexpected hero concept. A man fashioning a dressing gown and pajama bottoms, who finds himself caught up in a thickening plot.

This style of character relates to the kind which you would expect to find in most zombie games/movies. Characters who leave their homes for what is expected to be another average day, and later find themselves in an apocalyptic landscape. Another example of this kind of character would be Frank West from the video game 'Dead Rising.' A very average looking journalist who finds himself fending off zombie hordes. I find there is something both relate-able and slightly amusing about a protagonist with a very unexpectedly average appearance.

Also, I will be posting sketches recorded from my museum visit shortly.

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