Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Photo comparison

I was looking through some of my photographs take during my digital SLR induction, and I really quite liked the slow shutter speed shots. This particular photograph is my favorite:

The girl within the right third of the image is clearly the subject. She is almost fully in focus, whilst the car passing by has a great motion blur. This contrast almost draws you towards the girl and the bed of light green grass contrasts with her maroon jacket, adding further focus on the subject. Although it is the result of luck, the girl's shoes match the blue car in the backdrop, which along with the blurred darker blue car to the left of the girl, adds balance to the image.

After realizing my interest in slow shutter speed photography, I managed to find the photographer Erick Loitiere's flicker page. This image 'Rain is coming,' really caught my attention:

Even more so than my image of the girl, the man who is the subject of the image is very much in focus. the sea and sky however are very smooth, almost allowing you to envision the flow of the ocean and the movement of the light in the sky. The image also has a great sense of balance, the empty beach occupies the bottom two thirds of the image, drawing us to the top where the lively ocean, gazing distant man and moody sky are positioned. there is also balance with the colours in the shot. the cool sky and sea are separated by the warm orange streak in the sky, and the man stands out in a neutral green. the beach is almost void of saturation and colour, contrasting with the array of colour around the subject. In my opinion the composition of this image is flawless.

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