Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I have always scanned the website Deviant Art for inspiration. One artist I have encountered numerous times during my searches is Adonihs. He produces highly detailed digital paintings of characters linked to film, game. His key skill is applying colour to concept art, for this reason he produces lots of collaborations. This piece is titled 'The Profile.'

 The image bears a very classic color choice of warm red and cool blue. The pastel-like background in particular brings the character forward in the shot, and even his blue eyes fit in with the restricted colour pallet. I am very interested in this theory of keeping colours limited to maintain the mood of an image, and also by restricted the use of colour, you can cleverly guide the eyes towards the focus of an image. Adonihs does this very well, drawing attention to the brightly warm coloured face and head of the subject in the frame.

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