Thursday, 3 November 2011

First 'PPP' lecture

For our first lecture on personal and professional practice, we looked at the qualities that define us. The whole idea was to pin point how we would fit in to a team and what role we would play. We were asked to answer four questions with one of two letters. at the end of the questions, the chosen letters produced a code, My code was 'I.N.F.J,' meaning that my traits fit that of a 'protector.' The reason for this is that I believe I am an 'introvert,' meaning I draw energy and inspiration from myself, and can generally be quite shy. I also answered that I am 'intuitive,' meaning that I use my imagination when approaching a task. I found I have a 'feeling character,' meaning it is important to me how the choices I make affect others. Finally, I discovered I have a 'judging' trait, which means I am organised and don't like tasks hanging over my shoulder, and like to be on top of things.

Researching further the 'I.N.F.J' persona, I also found that the 'protector:' is gentle and caring, they constantly define and re-define the priorities in their lives, are considered to be complex and are always working to improve themselves, and rarely step back and take in their achievements. I can relate to this, as I am not the kind of person who quickly adapts to any new task or hobby and picks up things generally with ease, but I do put a lot of heart and devotion in to any new endeavour.

I also discovered that there are some interesting job prospects for an 'I.N.F.J.' Some of these jobs involve: teaching, music, photography and psychology.

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